A few issues with Jnode

Not sure where this post should go, so it is here:

I have just recently tried to get started with Jnode with no success. If anyone has any ideas that could help me, I would be most appreciative.

1) I have tried several times to download V0.1.10 (binaries and source), to no avail. The link on the Jnode site takes me to the download site, but it just continues to reload the page over and over... Since this was happening, I decided to download V0.1.9. This worked.

2) After wrestling with Roxio's CD creator to get the ISO image burned to a CD, I took an old machine we had laying around and tried to start Jnode on it. I have tried all but the dhcp boot options, and the machine locks up at various points during the boot process. On the default, default without MP, and all plugins options it locks up after it prints:

Loading initjar plugins
(alloc:GC trigger/)

Selecting the JNode install option yields a lockup after printing:

found 5 device finders

Any ideas? Is Roxio's ISO burning to blame? There are three files on the CD according to my linux machine (my windows machine has no clue what to do with the CD after it is burned)


I would love to play around with JNode, but this sort of thing presents a problem Eye-wink


In addition to that


I suppose system information may be helpful. The computer is an old HP pavilion, Celeron 533 with 64M of RAM. If you need video and network card info, I can look them up, just let me know.



The boot problem is memory related. 64M is too little for JNode at the moment. You should put at least 256M in it to safely run JNode. 512M or more is even better.

About downloading 0.1.10, please be very specific about what you did, since i tried downloading it again and that gave no problems.


Thanks for the memory?

Ahhhh... yes I suppose I should read the documentation. I will find a machine with a bit more oomph in the memory dept.

As far as 0.1.10 goes, it turns out that the UMR mirror and a couple of others have not been updated with the new version... Under Opera this causes the page to reload about once every 15 seconds. I.E. shows an error message saying the mirror doesn't have the file... It is in the HTML text, but I'm not sure why Opera chooses not to display it? I know I sound like an idiot, but this is what I saw.... I have the archive now though Smiling

Thanks for the help!

Not enough memory