How to import jnode to Eclipse?

Hello to everybody!!

I´ve just started to start with jnode but I have some trouble importing the project into eclipse.

I´ve read the readme and I began to import the project in the right order but eclipse shows a lot of warnings and errors.

¿Do I have to import all the subprojects into a project I have already done (with the JRE libraries)?

¿Do I have to install an assembler compiler?

¿And how much memory do we need to build the project?

Thank you!

Core and Shell are required m

Core and Shell are required mostly and whatever else you want to read/develop/etc.

You need nasm and yasm assemblers to compile the JNode, but you do not need them to write code for JNode on eclipse.

Don't try to build JNode under eclipse. Use the build.bat or instead. There is a way to build JNode under Eclipse 3.x but I dont see any reason to do it this way (maybe you or someone else have).

And a quastion from me Sticking out tongue, because of your nickname. Are you from greece?

OK! it´s like you said, thank you.

Thank you jpg, it´s like you said. I´ve installed nasm and yasm, and after making some changes i´ve built the project "without" problem.

Now I can start making changes in the code and see if these changes are better or not.

I think, i´m going to focus my efforts in the console, and the shell, yesterday i did some changes and it worked a little bit better. I´ve some ideas to speed up the shell, but i still don´t know if this ideas will work, i´ll tell you.

Thanks, I´ll check it

Nop, im from spain, but my nick it´s because of the greek philosopher.

Thanks for the answer. I´ll try what you´ve told me.