MVM or Multi-tasking VM

A very interesting article about a Sun's project to create a multi-threaded VM. From the serverside.

I think it is very interesting for JNode.


Isolates are for sure something that JNode needs and will have somewhere in the future.



Isolates and the Resource Management API will help using Java / Jnode for multiple applications.

Some years ago Sun Research did also investigate a persistent version of Java. It used checkpointing (call a checkpoint method and the state of the VM is written to disk) and thereby allowed to resume the state of the previously suspended VM run. It provided support for disk GC and the guy did at least think about schema evolution. Great project, but the the JSR was rejected by the JCP comittee.


Yep, Forest

I also hope they integrate it into their VM. Jnode would also benefit from using it.

There's also another research project called Forest that was done around 2000 or so and attempted to make the JVM persistent.

I.e. you start the VM as usual. Then at a certain point in time the application invokes a checkpoint operation that writes the state of the VM to disk. This state will then be reloaded the next time you resume the VM. The project included disk-GC and the researchers spend time thinking about how to handle schema evolution - I think it would have greatly eased the creation of persistent Java applications. It was even submitted to the JCP (JSR 20) but the JSR was rejected and the project was finished.