Why is this collaboration forum on-line post so annoying?

I've post this Fill out the documents or reference-links for the your thinking and codes:

I assume many of us are taking part time on interesting open source project and don't have much time to search concerned documents then read the redundant specifications and finally dive into source code.
So, to reduce learning curve for starting up users, it is important that you should write down some of your thinkings and supply the interprets of strange glossary/term and acronyms. Similar things are vital to contributer(guys have not ever experience in Operate System/hardware development).
Reference links are also important when someone will want to detail somethings.
I also assume that many of Java developer are not familiar with this field. So it is vital to the future of JNode, right?

and Isantha comment it as below:

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Good point
Submitted by lsantha on Wed, 04/06/2005 - 14:31.

It would be also helpful to make the source code of JNode available in a browsable form so that we can add permanent references to relevant classes in verious forum posts.

I mean something like these:


The nice thing about JNode is that in such a source repository basically there wouldn't be any class, method or field name without a reference to it's source code.

After all, this is a complete opensource computing platform.

On an other topic, I think that references to all externel technology documentation and sepcification is best to be added to the references section of the JNode portal and refered to them from other parts of the portal so that these references can be portal wide reusable and in the same time available at a single place. (The refrences in the references section need anchors.)

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I will to reply him and write:

If JNode Powered by Maven, we got that. Such as this.
Actually, there are many projects built by Maven.see Prowered by Maven
xdoclet on sourceforge is one example

But. this collaboration forum is terrible:
I've post several time. It somehow always drop my contents and
could not see my result.(I mean you must refresh or restart a session).
Finally it eaten Isantha's comment.

why? I remember there were some similar discusses agaist this problem once.

to Isantha: sorry!

Forum & spam

I'm sorry to say that your posting was considered spam, since it contains a lot of links.



We're considering changing the code structure and the build process accordingly, in order to make it less monolithic and easier to get into.

In this change, Maven is considered as 1 of the possibilities for the build process.


about 'the online users:' section of this portal

'the online users:' incorrectly display information:
My name is still listed on there when I loged out.

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Because of a non-closed '' tag in my first post, the later posted contents are all affected by it -displayed bold. At least in my browser- Firefox1.0.2. and IE 6.