jnode-patches mailing list ?

I think we need a standardized way of submitting patches to JNode.

My reasons for this are that a lot of developers only make a few (but important) changes and think that they can only contribute if they have access to the CVS repository.

I propose to setup a jnode-patches mailing list where everyone can submit patches to, which then will be evaluated by the JNode admins and commited to the CVS repository when they are valid. Besides this mailing list, a new page on the website should document the patch submission process.

To prevent copyright problems, the patches should be written by the senders themselves and they should state explicitly that they agree with the JNode copyright & license. The FSF goes a step further on this wrt. GNU Classpath, but I hope this is sufficient.


Nice idea

It's a nice idea, we can have more control on the code. I'm available if you need patch comitters Smiling

Fabien L.

Good point! This sounds like

Good point! This sounds like a very good idea.
If needed I would like to be one of the evaluaters.