JNode with VMWare 5

I tried to run JNode 0.2 with VMware Workstation 5, but it doesn't work. I set up a new virtual machine and set the jnode 0.2 iso image as boot image. It actually boots and I can select the boot mode, but neither normal boot mode nor jnode 64 mode (I've got a 64bit intel processor) works.

I'm a Java programmer also, but not very familiar with VMware. Does anybody have an idea? :-/

Also it doesn't work on my other pc by "real booting" from cd.


I cant boot

I try to run Jnode under the vmware 5.0

Only got stacktrace. See on:



Not enough memory

There is not enough "VMware guest memory" for JNode. Currently JNode needs memory much (I recommend 768 MB or more on host).
1) Try to set "Guest Memory" to 300MB or more. If your host does have 512MB or less not expect decent HOST perfomance (swapping).
2) In GRUB prompt select "Full" (not "Full GUI")
3) In JNode command prompt run gc (garbage collector) first
4) Run "alias" and select class you want to run
5) If you got NPE (stacktrace) again - go shop for memory Smiling


P.S. Do not expect to see fully functional system. It's still work in progress. But VERY promising Smiling))

I also have the problem with VMware


I downloaded the JNode 0.2.0 iso image and ran it with VMware Workstation 5. But VMware stoped to give an error message window everytime which said "The CPU has been disabled by the guest operating system. You must power off or reset the virtual machine.".

I don't know what is this mean.And everytime it stoped,I could find the error messge from the stoped JNode. when I select the "default",the message always be "real panic: Int_die_";when I select the "default without MP" ,sometime it may be "Real panic: reschedule"and sometime others.


maybe fixed with latest CVS version

You should try with the latest CVS version.
Maybe it has been fixed.


Any error messages?

Hi Roar,

do you see any error messages? It would help if you could post them to the forum.



thanks for your reply, but the problem was solved in the chat already Smiling