Eclipse under JNode?

Whats features missing in JNode/Classpath prevents to run Eclipse under JNode?

Try it

Just give it a try and we'll know.



- A compiler
- A stable and optimise desktop
- Hard drive installation
- A complete implementation of AWT
- A port of SWT to Jnode

I think we need stay focus on stabilisation of existing shell and GUI code before running huge programs like Eclipse.


Eclipse includes own Java compiler or not?
1) Trying to run such a complex project as Eclipse is best way to improve JNode itself.
2) There is almost no need for installer/dekstop for now. Eclipse have enough tools for development JNode.
3) API takes forever to stabilize Smiling


Eclipse only requires a 1.4

Eclipse only requires a 1.4 JRE, but SWT must be ported to the Window Enviroment. A chava port would be very interesting, but otherwise the wierdx X11 implementation might be a "getting started" techonology.

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