Testing remote programs in shell

If you want to test some java application, but don't want to recompile JNode completly every time you change your application, you can use the classpath command.

Set up your network, if you don't know how, read the FAQ.

Now you have to setup a webserver or tftp server on your remote mashine, where you place your .class or .jar files.
With the classpath command you can now add a remote path. E.g. "classpath add". Using "classpath" without arguments shows you the list of added paths. To start your application simply type the class file's name.

For more info read the original forum topic from Ewout, read more about shell commands or have a look at the following example:

On your PC:
Install a Webserver (e.g. Apache) and start it up. Let's say it has as its IP. Now create a HelloWorld.java, compile it and place the HelloWorld.class in a directory of your Webserver, for me that is "/var/www/localhost/htdocs/jnode/".

Inside JNode:
Type the following lines inside JNode. You just have to replace IP addesses and network device by values matching your configuration.

ifconfig eth-pci(0,17,0)
route add eth-pci(0,17,0)
classpath add

now that a new classpath is added you can run your HelloWorld App by simply typing