Prepare for new release

We should prepare for a new release.

For all developers: please comment on what you think should still be done before a release.


fix network issues

as discussed at IRC there are network issues to fix.
E.g. the permissions are not granted to the ping command to resolve hosts like
The dhcp/bootp does not work.

P.S.: Later I will post the Exceptions in detail.

not that I was part of the

Not that I was part of the discussion, but can it be the same as caused this issue?


Still broken...


Apparently, it is not the same issue. I test CVS code into vmware with solution give in issue but dhcp still broken. Into 0.2.1 release, dhcp work perfectly.

Fabien L.

Screenshot of complete

Screenshot of complete exception can be found here

Fabien L.

Looks to me as a bug in the

Looks to me as a bug in the Classpath code. It's either the SocketPermission, who have had a lot of changes in the 'implies' method since 0.2.1, or the fact that InetAddress might always have been giving wrong output on the getHostAddress() call.
Fact is that SocketPermission tryes to make a wrong Integer parsing.

My test results: "" -> NumberFormatException. It should have been "67"


It was a Classpath bug in

It was a Classpath bug in the SocketPermission (infact there was two). I have just fixed the problem.


Similar bugs

show up when you are trying to use the cat url or the classpath command with an URL as a classpath entry when a subequent attempt to load a class from that URL results in a security exception.
All this stuff worked with the current plugin descriptor settings but they don't work any more.

I have rewritten the

I have rewritten the "implies" method of the SocketPermission, the problem should be solved now.

We still the java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError, when using the dhcp setup, that have to be fixed.


Did you relay the fix ?

Did you relay the fix to classpath patches mailing list ?

No, I only added

No, I only added @classpath-bugfix and @classpath-bugfix-end to surround the fixes. I'm not sure if and how we can submit our fixes to the Classpath project in a smart way. I talked a little with Fabien and the people on the classpath irc some weeks ago about it, but I don't know the current status.


hi martin

Hi martin,

The tag you metion are for unsubmitted bugs.

For bugs that has been submitted to Classpath, there is :
@classpath-bugfix-22918 and @classpath-bugfix-end
here the bug id in Classpath bugzilla is 22918


Use Bugzilla

This is a good place for Classpath bugs that need to be discussed before being patched to Classpath.

PS : what happens with such patches when JNode's Classpath is upgraded ?



Well, we still have a problem with the dhcp setup, only this is not directly net specific, but lower. When using the dhcp commands dns servers is added in the ResolverImpl, but accessing static variables gives a "java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError". Here is a trace:

org.jnode.vm.classmgr.VmType!doInitialize (2051)
org.jnode.vm.classmgr.VmType!linkAndInitialize (2029)
org.jnode.vm.classmgr.VmType!initialize (2013)!addDnsServer (105)!doConfigure (144)

At this moment I can't see why this is happing, but it's a kind of a show stopper.