I have a Mini-Itx computer based on a VIA EPIA 800 motherboard with VIA C3/EDEN EBGA processor.
I've read in the Hardware requirements for the Jnode operating system that it needs a Pentium class processor with Page Size Extension. As I understand from the processor's documentation, it does not support Page Size Extension.
My question is: is it possible for me to modify Jnode to work on my configuration?


I would love to see JNode running on my Mini-ITX system

Thanks a lot


Yes it is in theory possible to modify JNode to work without PageSize extensions, but that is a lot of work for a small target audience, so I have to be honest that it is not my no 1 priority.


not such a limited audience

The EPIA line of processors is what I'm also waiting on... they are so cheap you can stack them and I often use them in place of something like VMWare.

Not to mention the multitude of applications for a low-power computer running a java operating system.

I'm a java guy and don't understand enough about the asm code to do the work myself, or it would have been done over a year ago... so at the moment, I'm patiently waiting for someone who does understand the low-level stuff to release it.

Once I can run it on such machines, the first two projects are robotics and car computers (LCARS interface maybe).

Possible solutions

It's hard to develop drivers and code for hardware if we haven't this hardware to test and debug. If you want you can read code, develop patches or specific driver for your computer. If you can't, the only solution is to wait that we able to develop drivers for this specific environment.

You can also test last JNode livecd to know where jnode stop working on your system (boot, device detection, etc...). Don't hesitate to contact us on irc Eye-wink

I'm willing to part with the hardware

I have some hardware I'd be willing to donate if it will get the code written. I only ask that it actually does get written... and of course I'd be willing to test it.

I'll even donate the PC100 memory for it and I might even have a spare HD I can send along.

Maybe the project lead could email me at brill{at} and let me know who I should ship the hardware to.