to read JNode

I want to learn knowledge of the Boot and startup,that is before org.jnode.boot.Main.vmMain() method.but I do not know what resources i should read besides jnode's assembly language code.can anyone help me?
i download jnode 0.1.2 and run it well in is pretty good.I am java programmer,i am delighted to see JNode is an operating system just written by java and assembly code.


about security manager

I have some knowledge about bootloader grub now.but i found something strange in we are in other operating system we can control an application's executing power like "java applicationName",but in the shell implementation,it is not a separated process or task(and a process only have one security manager in java),so how to setup a security manager?

another question is:although the executing speed of code written by assembly code is a bit faster than C,the assembly code is harder to understand and maintain.And i did not find the docomnetation about the assembly code in jonde.

my english is poor,so the description maybe is not clear.^-^

we have a single security manager

For now, JNode has a single security manager. So, it is not possible to specify one with JavaCommand.

Each command called from the shell is ran in a separate Thread. So, the only separation we have is done per Thread with ThreadLocal and InheritedThreadLocal : for now, that is the case for, System.out & System.err.

For better separation and to specify a custom security manager, maybe isolation api can help (but I don't know that api enough to be sure).

About the asm code, I never really looked very far in it but you are right : it must be more documented than any other higher level code.


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yes,it seems that jnode

yes,it seems that jnode will run only one jvm in the life of jnode os(because i fail to learn the code without documentation,i am not sure).If it is,jnode will fail to use the current existed code producted by others,because of the process model.For example,Sun's j2sdk.Those software assume that os is based on process model,so i think it is strange in the runing of application inside jnode(thread).Is there any problem in data access between applications?

By the way,in my opinion,jnode may handle jnode's documentation task first,because the problem feeded back will largely provided by those enthusiasts(someone who is interested inside jnode source code).the less documents,the less enthusiasts.