JNode meeting poll

Hi all,

It has come to my attention that there is an interrest in a JNode meeting. This meeting is not limited to activate developers, but everyone who likes to discuss JNode with the developers is welcome.

Organizing such a meeting will take some time, so my first question to you all is about time, place and participants.
For practical reasons I'm thinking of the end of the spring or early summer time frame, located in or near by the Netherlands (since most developers live in the northen part of Europe)

If you want to come to this meeting, please respond by posting a reply to this message.

I hope for losts of responses.


I'd like to participate too


since I'm in the last part of my studies I have little time fore JNode, but I take a look at this board and update jnode source from cvs quite regulary.

I'd like to attend and summer sounds good for me because have to move at the end of spring. After that move it's not that far to the Netherlands, so it will be a good place for such a meeting.


Seems like a nice idea

I would love to attend a JNode meeting. And The Netherlands is my favorite country Smiling



P.S. are there jnode hackers that will come to Fosdem?


Maybe I'll come to FOSDEM. Not sure yet if possible.


I'd like to attend too

Hi, even thought I didn't had the time to contribute lately I'd like to attend. I'd prefer a date during early summer and a weekend because I'm going to school again during the week. I'm fine with meeting in the Netherlands.

Sebastian (f.k.a. monochromata Eye-wink )

I am interested

I would be interested and the end of spring sounds a good time for me.


my blog (in english and french)

I'm very interested in a

I'm very interested in a meeting. In the summer would suit me the best and The Netherlands is fine with me too.