JNode not booting....suggestions for what to do next?

So ive got the latest sources, got a cd written and am trying to boot it.

with all of the boot options i've tried, there are a lot of exceptions that whiz past including some pretty red ones (i expect they're "lucky").

How can i start to track down the causes of these faults?

Im a bit reluctant to install it to a hard drive yet but would if log to it.

More infos

First, you must verify that your system and devices are supported by jnode (see here). Next, if it is possible, post more infos/logs/stacktraces. You can also join us on IRC channel to find more help (i hope Smiling).

Fabien L. (a.k.a galatnm)


i think its compatable (an old compaq p3 450) and ive tried disabling everthing i can think of in the bios (no serial, usb etc)

my real problem is, im doing this from a cd rom boot so how do i get the logs and stack dumps?

How much ram do you use? It

How much ram do you use? It migth be a lack of memory in what you see. Take a look on the Hardware requirements.

oh dear, youve got me

turns out the box has less ram than i initially thought. Only 128.