CD ROM device shows no files.

Ok, so ive got it booting more or less reliably now (with the latest sources). The devices I get are hda0, hda1, jnode and sg0.

doing a DIR command in the sg0 drive shows no files at all. It does spin up the cdrom though.


There also seems to be an issue with cd mounting

Ive posted a sequence in the JNode-FS forum for switching cd's and having it read the directory correctly.

Debug console

You can access to debug console via ALT-F7. Could you verify that there are no erros after dir command. Do the following :

Go to DEBUG console (ALT-F7) before dir and verify last logging status.
Go to main console (ALT-F1) and execute dir.
Return to DEBUG console and check if there are errors or exception traces.

I tried dir command on some CD and it works but i never test it with jnode cdrom itself.

Fabien L.

if i do it with the boot

if i do it with the boot cd, i just get some messages from the [IDECommand] "read data 12" and "packet command ready"

just tried it with a different disk altogether and i DID get the expected directory listing.

It does fail if i run the DIR command before it finishes spinning up the cd and in that case i get the debug message "[IDECommand] Packet command aborted, error 0x24".

tried re-inserting the boot cd and still shows up as empty. The debug logs indicate that it does read it (read data and packet commands etc).

I wonder what it is about the boot cd that stops the directory listing.

This has been tracked down

This has been tracked down to a bug in the iso9660 directory code. now fixed.