Use Wink to create a movie of how JNode works.

The few times I have actually managed to get JNode to boot on my hardware, and then only in text mode, I have quickly run out of things I could do with it.

I wondered if one of those who know, and have a virtual PC/vmware/whatever could create one of these movies which show what the software can actually do.

As vmware now have a free product which is usable for non-trivial use, I think such a thing might be beneficial to those who have no idea yet what this is capable of.

Just my 25 øre.


I've put a video on Google video

I've created a video with a demontration of JNode using VMware player.
Unfortunately I also had only the text mode. The demo on JNode start after about 8 minutes.

The link is on my blog:

For an unknown reason Google doesn't allow people from France and Germany to watch the video.


Good idea

We will update the screenshots soon to better reflect the current state of JNode GUI and then we can create a video too.