Release 0.2.4

This release features the first possibility of basic development uder JNode.

Have a look at the fine screenshots!

Screenshots are available here.

The changelog can be found here.

Please check the hardware requirements.


  1. jnode-x86_0.2.4.iso.gz, gzip compressed ISO image.
    Uncompress it to burn a CD-ROM with or to use in VMWare.
  2. jnodesources-0.2.4.tar.gz, all sources.
  3. vmx file can be directly used with free vmware-player, for easy testing JNode
  4. package contains two vmdk disc images to use in JNode. It features a fat32 and an ext2 partition, each 4GB in size

Had anyone run jnode v0.2.4 on VMWare?

I have downloaded jnode v0.2.4 and use it in VMWare as i read in your site to test your OS. But nothing just a freezing screen.
Even if i try any options in Grub boot loader, A couple of Logs written on screen, Such as
java places something....
ready to run something....
neccecery space for something....
waiting for something....
then it freezes!
very good oparating system but i think there must be easier way to blowup users screen with couple of rubbish than making a new operation system such as jnode:D
By the way is jnode realy works?
if so what can i do to makes it work in VMWare?
or I just have wasted my time by downloading 80 Mega bytes? Sad

The release 0.2.4 is too old and too bugged

You should use the nightly build instead.

If you try to run the GUI, it's better to follow that procedure :

  • select a grub menu without GUI
  • when the shell console is ready, type the command 'gc' to run the garbage collector
  • type the command 'startawt' to lauch the GUI (based on Swing, as you can see on the screenshots :

Many bugs has been fixed, new features implemented and, last but not least, we have started moving from GNU Classpath to openjdk. So, we are getting more and more close to a full jdk implementation (as for any new VM/OS, we need to bind openjdk with JNode).

Of course, there is still many work to do and we need any person that want to help & support us.

You can usually see the most active members (like me) in JNode irc channel.


my blog (in english and french)

Download availability

It might be a little more intuitive to include the links to download
files on the downloads page, instead of having news articles saying "such and such version is released" and requiring that the user click "read more" to actually find the download links, the current system of doing things is far from intuitive. The only reason I found that jnode could be downloaded from here instead of browing on over to sourceforge was because I went to leave this comment, upon which I stumbled accross the download link.