The essential File Systems

To interact with the different current working FrameWorks we need more different File System drivers,to enhance the JNODE----------------->

1)EXT2 and EXT3
2)NTFS write support
3)BeFS reading support

will add more soon.....

everyone is requested to set more targets for the FS developers.

Existing filesystem

I think is important to stay focus on already implemented filesystems (FAT32, NTFS, ISO9660 and EXT2/3) to improve and have full support for them.

My 2 cents,

Fabien L.


Agreed Fabien... its too easy to get too "spread out" on something like this. Get a few core things working bulletproof, and document the heck out of them for people to use.

I am currently trying to build a PC that boots from disk, into JNode, and has a large writable filesystem for me to put existing Java apps into. Which FS is best to put on the drive to just get something working? Who knows, there are several to choose from, but if you guess wrong (as I seem to have), then its more wasted time and frustration rebuilding the disk.

Having a clear "this is the minimum you can expect to work, and these are where we are developing next" would be nice, rather than 200 barely usable choices.
Robert "Exile In Paradise" Murphey

Imho ramfs is the most

Imho ramfs is the most stable, though it is not persistent. JFat is the next stable, it keeps your FAT consistent and has working read and write support. But there are still some small issues with jfat (afair you can only write to about 10% of the free space, then jfat tells you, you ran out of disk space). The rest of the filesystems is in a initial state but I wouldn't use it. Especially DON'T use ext on an used and/or needed partition!! The risk to loose data is high! Eye-wink

Hope that helps,