The Accessing of a File in Jnode File Systems

We want to move the JNode in future as a MULTIUSER OS.So, there the files accessability is a interesting matter;for the security of the JNODE not??

For near future for that we need to adopt the "POSIX ACL" .This is a ready option to us i think.

see the link

Express your opinions freely now...because if we agree to use it, then we need to change in the codings of the FS commands in some portions now.At current, the all file access will be set to only the Superuser mode.

regards TANGO

The minimum :-)

The way I see it, POSIX style ACLs are the minimum. Ideally we need to support a pluggable system otherwise it won't make any sense for say, NTFS or FAT32.

I agree

Yes the ACLs from POSIX are minimum.We need another new Logical Math View for the NTFS and FAT32 etc and make a File Security power more Independently.Have you any new idea with that topic??Pls hints us.

  • "the pluggable System"; Explain your view more on that pls.
    Thanks for your Co-operation.Give us more new ideas.Thanks.