Welcome to JNode.org, the website of the Java New Operating System Design Effort.

JNode is a simple to use & install Java operating system for personal use.
It runs on modern devices.

Any java application will run on it, fast & secure!

JNode is open source and uses the LGPL license.

Latest release:
JNode 0.2.8
Hardware requirements:
Pentium class CPU
512M RAM

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Broadcom 570x in Dell Latitude D610

has anyone gotten the Broadcom 570x ethernet to work? i am running on a Dell Latitude D610.

i get the following error on startup:

org.jnode.driver.DriverException: Cannot find iobase: first address is not I/O

at org.jnode.driver.net.bcm570x.BCM570xCore.getIOBase (BCM570xCore.java:620)

The Framebuffer API, and drivers generally

I've seen incomplete (not yet started) docs on JNode's framebuffer API. In the current source code package I can't find anything that mentions parts of the API like the "surface" for example.

Does anyone know how framebuffer graphics cards operate? After we have identified the card with its PCI ID (for PCI, PCI-X and AGP cards?) the registers and I/O space or whatever (presumably this is fetched from PCI config space, but I don't know...) then what is the general procedure for writing a framebuffer driver for that card?

Is a framebuffer just a memory-mapped area that when you write data in there, it appears on the screen? What format is the data? Do you need to know about colour spaces, like RGB and YUV and so on (4cc)? Big endian, little endian? Bits per pixel, configuring the card? As far as we can abstract the common features of every framebuffer device, what are the general principles?

Java OS

Next semester Ill be taking a course where we have to create our own basic OS in C (with threads, filesystem +++). As I understand it jnode actually has a compiler and vm which I really dont need as I can compile everything and got no need for running class files on it.

My question is, is there any source in this prosject which I can start from or would it be a better idea to just start from scratch?

Isolates start to work

I'm happy to report that the first Isolate has been sucesfully run in JNode.

The code is in CVS now and can be tested using the IsolateTest command.

Now all Class, Method, Field, Constructor and ClassLoader instances are isolated. Static fields are isolated.

Method allocation is still shared. This will not change for the near future.


JDistro on Jnode ???? (A desktop in pure Java)

have you see JDistro ??? A desktop in pure Java

i think might be an alternative to JNode GUI
strating from jdistro have a base that can be used
or at lees learn something from JDistro to use to improve JNode Desktop


sorry by my english

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