Welcome to JNode.org, the website of the Java New Operating System Design Effort.

JNode is a simple to use & install Java operating system for personal use.
It runs on modern devices.

Any java application will run on it, fast & secure!

JNode is open source and uses the LGPL license.

Latest release:
JNode 0.2.8
Hardware requirements:
Pentium class CPU
512M RAM

see details

Compile Issues

Hi, I'm trying to compile Jnode (cd-x86) and I keep getting an error.

C:\JNode\src\all\build.xml:312: The following error occurred while executing this line:
C:\JNode\src\all\build.xml:283: The following error occurred while executing this line:
C:\JNode\src\all\build-x86.xml:152: java.io.IOException: CreateProcess: nasmw.exe -o C:\JNode\src\all\build\x86\32bits\native\output\jnode.o -D BITS32 -D "JNODE_VERSION='0.2.2 February 4 2006'" -f elf -l C:\JNode\src\all\build\x86\32bits\native\jnodenative.lst -I C:\JNode\src\core\src\native\x86\ -I C:\JNode\src\all\build\x86\32bits\native\src\ C:\JNode\src\core\src\native\x86\jnode.asm error=87

JNode not booting....suggestions for what to do next?

So ive got the latest sources, got a cd written and am trying to boot it.

with all of the boot options i've tried, there are a lot of exceptions that whiz past including some pretty red ones (i expect they're "lucky").

How can i start to track down the causes of these faults?

Im a bit reluctant to install it to a hard drive yet but would if log to it.

reference counting gc


I am doing a research on garbage collectors. I am implementing a reference counting gc for java. I found that Jnode is a great place for my research. I signed up, downloaded and went through the code. I am getting stuck at a specific point and need help.

When a method returns, current frame will be discarded(Frames as explained in vmspec 3.6). I need to capture this and decrement the reference counters for all references in the frame. I am unable to see where this is happenning.

I looked at method visit_ret() and visit_return() org.jnode.vm.x86.compiler.l1a.X86BytecodeVisitor. I expect the code that will release the memory occupied by frame, which inturn reset some of the bits in memory bitmap elsewhere. But what I found is just a JMP statement being emitted. Am I looking at the wrong place?...

[Proposal] : Jnode artwork project

Hello all,

JNode is mainly a java OS project but it's not only that. There is some area in the project where people without any programming skills can evolve. Everyone involve into opensource community knows that a lot of projects have representative artworks. Who don't know linux pinguin or the green KDE dragon ?

It's a part of our project where non-IT people can contribute. Is it possible to create a project part (forum, wiki, cvs subproject) where we can put non-programming related contributions ?

Fabien L.

PS : Have you an idea for JNode icon (like apple of mac os x) and/or a mascot ?

JNode meeting poll

Hi all,

It has come to my attention that there is an interrest in a JNode meeting. This meeting is not limited to activate developers, but everyone who likes to discuss JNode with the developers is welcome.

Organizing such a meeting will take some time, so my first question to you all is about time, place and participants.
For practical reasons I'm thinking of the end of the spring or early summer time frame, located in or near by the Netherlands (since most developers live in the northen part of Europe)

If you want to come to this meeting, please respond by posting a reply to this message.

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