Issues for JNode Core

Summarysort iconStatusPriorityCategoryLast updatedAssigned to
'cp -i ...' unnecessarily write's the user's respoactiveminorbug report10 years 4 weeks
64 bit build bugactivenormalbug report8 years 27 weeks
Allow access to the bios data area. This activenormalfeature request9 years 20 weeksadmin
Annotation handling is brokenactivecriticalbug report8 years 32 weeks
At boot on Core 2 duo (mac intel), only onactivenormalbug report9 years 20 weeks
At present, the FatFileSystemType classes patch (code needs review)normalbug report9 years 20 weeks
Boot-time exceptions are killing the input driversactivenormalbug report8 years 41 weeksStephen Crawley
BootimageBuilder fails for jvm versions <1.6activenormalbug report9 years 16 weeks
Check for synchronization problems in the keyboardactivenormaltask9 years 11 weeks
class file has wrong version 50.0, should be 49.0activenormalbug report4 years 13 weeks
Complete the implementation of the Swing based AWTactivecriticaltask8 years 47 weekslsantha
Driver for the Broadcom BCM570x network caactiveminortask9 years 20 weekshagar
Experimental USB drivers on QEMUactivenormalfeature request9 years 50 weekstango_java_06
Extend the Help system to support full-scale multiactivenormaltask8 years 32 weeks
FAT-16 exposes volume label as a directory entryactivenormalbug report9 years 35 weeks
file renaming needs a rewritepatch (code needs review)criticaltask6 years 17 weekskinaeda
FileNotFoundException messages are too non-specifiactivenormalbug report9 years 11 weeksliyj
format commands cannot reformat a device with a diactivenormalbug report9 years 21 weeks
Free memory for classes loaded and no longer needeactivenormaltask8 years 41 weeks
Get the ALT-SysRq debugger workingactivenormaltask8 years 28 weeks
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