Issues for JNode Builder

SummaryStatusPriorityCategoryLast updatedsort iconAssigned to
Application packageractivenormalfeature request3 years 3 weeksFabien D
NPEs in jnode-japiactiveminorbug report5 years 43 weeks
Failed building: FileSystemFullExceptionpatch (comments requested)normalbug report6 years 35 weeksFarok
assemblers in JNodeactivenormalfeature request7 years 29 weeksGriffenJBS
Add a custom.plugin.dir for jnode.propertiesactivenormalfeature request7 years 41 weeks
Add more 'markers' for xml descriptorsactiveminorfeature request7 years 41 weeks
Debug build not workingactivenormalbug report8 years 13 weeks
Build dies occasionally due to file handle leakageactivenormalbug report8 years 14 weeks
A tool to create/edit plugin descriptorsactivenormalfeature request8 years 26 weeks
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