Microsoft files for patent on modular operating system

Read about it in the article in, and also the application description in uspto.

It looks like MS applied for a patent of a modular operating system. I think we should check if this may affect JNode. If it does we may have to take any action against it.

how can i get Jnode

why i can't download it from ""

is the url wrong or some problems else.

Using OSGi as deployment model

I have looked at JNode (even ran it on my PC) and I am very excited about the project. It seems like a daunting task, but the progress you have made is substantial.

As an OSGi evangelist, I wonder if you could start using the OSGi Framework, which is a standardized modularization and deployment framework, as your deployment model. JNode and OSGi look like a perfect match. OSGi is already used as the foundation for Eclipse and is now adopted by Apache as well. There are already many companies supporting this standard. It provides a very clean model to install, update, uninstall applications as well as a collaborative model to allow apps to play together. It also provides a foundation for features that you find in a MVM, except for the full isolation (which is very expensive).

A rumanian company is using JNode :-)

The company ubiCORE, a rumanian company, is using JNode for their Java MultiThreading Processor. So, it is a processor dedicated to JAVA and that is probably optimised for such usage.

They are using a technology called JavaHMT Technology. JNode is running pure JAVA applications without any other underlying OS. ubiCORE pushed that idea not only in the software but further, until the core of the processor itself !

We hope they will succeed and open the road to other companies that will be confident in JNode Smiling

JSR 121-Isolation is now available for Public Review

The Public Review Draft Specification for
JSR 121 - Application Isolation API Specification
is now available for Public Review from

as well as the JSR page:
This Public Review closes on 18 July 2005.

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