VM changes

The VM has undergone some significant changes in order to enable precise garbage collection (e.g. generational GC), be better prepared for multi-processor systems and be easier to port to other platforms. These changes will be part of the 0.1.5 release.

USB support

An USB framework has been added to JNode. For now an USB mouse driver, keyboard driver and HUB driver has been implemented. This framework will be part of the 0.1.5 release.

TCP starts to work

The TCP protocol implementation is starting to work. The URLTest class is now able to fetch the contents of a HTTP server and display it on the standard output (in raw HTML). The server part is also starting to work, but is still a bit less reliable.

JNode 0.1.4 released

JNode has just released a new intermediate version of JNode with several new exiting features. The highlights are NVidia video driver, ACPI support, FDISK support. To see all of the changes, please visit our Change log.

NVidia driver in CVS

JNode can now use NVidia video cards. This driver is in the CVS HEAD branch and will be part of an upcoming release.

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