Error in jnode installation

please help me to solve this error

for your reference please find the attachment


hi to all...
if some 1 can help me to kno,
1.which language is used in background coding for Jnode??
2.whats process management in Jnode??
3.n how to install ths Jnode operatin system

help me out wth these guys

Hello jnode people

I don't speak english
Jnode is interesting, OS in java, increible.
good luck jnode people.
bye Smiling

Mark Lam on the CVM

Here is a great BLOG on PhoneME and its VM. Looks like some great stuff can be learned here.

Security enhancement proposal

Here's a proposal to make security on JNode better than on current OSes (Win, Linux, Mac). It inherently requires breaking the Java API in a few cases.

Current state

There's a fundamental security problem with current OSes: apps are not walled off against each other, the only sec context is the user account. Every app can read and write every file, and execute all other apps with the same permissions.

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